5 signs that your marriage might not be working – Astrology

Astrology has all the answers! If your marriage is under strain, just consult your friendly neighborhood astrologer, who will magically be able to suggest which celestial body you should make offerings to in order to salvage your faltering relationship. Neverminded the fact that any problem can be overcome through communication and compromise. Nah – let’s just blame it on the stars! What could possibly go wrong? *eyeroll*

5 signs that your marriage might not be working

Nothing feels more exciting than celebrating love and marriage, but sometimes the spark simply fades away. Astrology can be an insightful tool to open up conversations that can reignite passion, or help identify the warning signs that a long-term relationship might be on its way out. Here are 5 major red flags according to astrology:

when communication becomes distant,

when one spouse no longer thinks of their partner as ‘the one’,

when there is increased conflict between two zodiacs’ incompatible traits,

if mutual trust has broken down due to lack of respect for boundaries,

or when one spouse’s needs feel neglected by both the partner and themselves. If some of these resonate with your marital status, it could be time for those honest and tough conversations.